Jessica Burdon is an Australian novelist and freelance writer living in New York. She writes for various publications, telling stories of barefoot artists, fashion fondness, innovation, cultural icons, or just tales found on her travels. 


Jessica coordinates interviews with influential figures in fashion, beauty & art,  from subject selection and  photographic production (including styling, makeup and hair), to the interview and write-up. Recent examples include  Elle StraussAthena CalderoneIsa TapiaAmelina, and Elyse Taylor.

She also acts as editor in chief of Breaking Brazil, and has acted as content strategist for other online magazines on a consultancy basis, for instance the Bodhi Tree Website. 

Jessica's copywriting and artistic collaborations include work with Ward Roberts & Nick Weber.

Stay tuned for news of her upcoming book releases, and the launch of her global members club for writers, the Estoria Club.



Writers Bazaar

Co-founder of a startup that links key players in the literary world.

The Estoria Club

Jessica is founder of the Estoria Club, a members club for vibrant writers from around the world.


There are various organisations striving to champion the causes of reading and writing, which Jessica supports and champions.



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