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The City that Sleeps Around

Just when you thought television depictions of Manhattan's dating dramas were hyperbole, comes a collection of real-life stories, edited by Jessica Burdon and illustrated by Anouk Colantoni. Each wild and wonderful tale will leave you gasping, "Only in New York!" On bookshelves February 2016.


More than words.


Jessica's passion for books, publishing, and bringing writers together, led to her moonlighting as an entrepreneur and philanthropist, only for that to become the core.



Writers' Bazaar

the beginning of words

Jessica is co-founder of Writers' Bazarre, a forum for key players in the publishing industry, launching in early 2016.

The Estoria Club


Jessica is founder of the Estoria Club, a global network of writers whose lives are as extraordinary as their writing.

Literacy for all

fighting for the cause

Jessica champions various causes that aim to help children with learning to read and write.